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            Current page:Official Website > Recruit > Talents strategy
                    Kaibang Motor has nearly 6000 employees including a large team of experienced R&D and management team. Kaibang established on-the-job training system to ensure her employees get well trained and developed.
                    Meanwhile, in order to better achieve the goal of "selecting, educating, employing, and retaining people", Kaibang attaches great importance to the career development of employees. They can achieve their career development through internal reserve training, internal recruitment, and job rotation. Kaibang establishes a performance evaluation incentive mechanism to promote the continuous improvement of individual and company, which is applied by all departments in accordance with their specific conditions. Adhering to the people-oriented management concept, Kaibang strives to create a beautiful & comfortable working environment, and has invested a lot of manpower and material resources in employees' occupational health, safety and environmental protection, providing adequate financial guarantee. Meanwhile, paying attention to the investigation and maintenance of employees rights and interests, opening up a variety of channels to listen to the employees voice, carry out targeted analysis and improvement, such as general manager mailbox, employee democratic life meeting, employee satisfaction survey, etc.
            Through humanized management, Kaibang constantly improves the staff training and development mechanism, performance incentive mechanism, create a good working environment, warm accommodation, harmonious labor for employees to better realize the construction of the talent team and "win-win" of company and employees.
            • Bright & comfortable workshop

            • Dormitory

            • Bright and clean company canteen

            • Clean and orderly factory environment

            Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. rights holder Guangdong ICP No.08006718-1

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