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              1. Hotline: 86-756-5790630

                About Us

                Current page: Official Website > About Us > Quality Assurance > Authority test
                Authority test

                Quality First

                13 years of history
                13 years of innovation

                To meet the quality target of zero defects, Kaibang Motor has set up an advanced and professional inspection center in the aim of quality first. Kaibang testing center was set up in 2003, it has become a modern testing center with modern testing ability andlots of qualifications after 12 years of development.
                • 2009
                  In 2009, Kaibang passed UL testing as the first Chinese motor enterprise.
                • In 2010, Kaibang imported CNAS-CL01:2006 idt ISO/IEC and 17025:2005 to improve lab quality management system.
                • 2011
                  In April, 2011 testing center was awarded CNAS qualification and formally became a national testing center which carries out CNAS 17025.
                • In July, 2012 Kaibang testing center was the first motor enterprise that passed UL-CTDP qualification in China.
                Nowadays, testing center has hundreds of high-tech and precise testing equipments which cover every aspect of motor testing. It has gradually set up a considerable testing lab that has considerable testing functions.
                • Semi-anechoic room
                  Air-flow measuring device
                • Danmark noise system
                  Temperature-humidity test chamber
                • Motor self-testing system
                  Aging oven tester
                • Universal tensile machine
                  Rain test chamber
                Testing center improves Kaibang competitiveness with her outstanding technology and management for the purpose of providing customers the best products and to achieve the goal of "Creating the best motor in the world".
                Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. rights holder Guangdong ICP No.08006718-1

                Guangdong Public Network Security Equipment No 44040302000239