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        1. Hotline: 86-756-5790630

          About Us

          Current page: Official Website > About Us > Core Technology > Technology innovation
          Technology innovation
          • Injection rotor technology
            Intensity of injection molding is double-stronger than the traditional structure which was pasted with glue. Under the help of advanced one-piece injection technology, the high intensity structure can makes sure motor can be working stably in bad working condition.
          • De-noising rotor technology
            Initiative rotor axial de-noising technology can reduce noise by over 8dB than the traditional rotor structure which will provide high quality sound.
          • Chain stator technology
            Initiative chain structure technology makes production process more efficient and highly automated.
          • Split stator technology
            Stator assembly technology with best gear proportion, smoother magnetic flux density distribution, less magnetic flux leakage, less torque ripple and less energy consumption.
          • Advanced control technology
            Industry leading rotor flux orientation control system and DSP control system, original rotor position detecting and voltage connection controlling type.
          • Reliable protection
            Kaibang Motor has reliable protection through controlling the speed voltage signal to provide overload protection. Current can stay smoothly and sinusoidaly while overloaded.
          Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. rights holder Guangdong ICP No.08006718-1

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