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            Hotline: 86-756-5790630

            About Us

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            With the expansion of Kaibang scale, its product R&D capability, quality management level and business performance have been continuously improved to obtain many national and industrial honors, including identification of High-tech Product and Guangdong Famous Product.
            • AAA Taxpayer
            • A Tax Credit Certification
            • National Safety Production Standarzational Level of Enterprise
            • National Excellent Quality Management Team for Light Industry
            • High-tech Enterprise
            • Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center
            • Guangdong Famous Product

            • Guangdong Famous Trademark

            • The 5th (2013) Guangdong Science and Technology Innovation and QC Group Results Presentation Conference (Silver Award)

            Zhuhai Kaibang Motor Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. rights holder Guangdong ICP No.08006718-1

            Guangdong Public Network Security Equipment No 44040302000239